Liberate your Cat's Natural Instincts

with a Petoodles Harness

Designed with cats in mind, Petoodles harnesses are comfortable, secure, and
easy to use. It is the ideal harness for exploring the outdoors with your feline friend.
Walking, traveling, or visiting the vet is easy with a Petoodles harness.

•  Comfortable: Petoodles harnesses are made of strong materials and feature a soft cotton flannel lining. The ergonomic design of the Petoodles harness allows for your cat’s maximum mobility. There are no narrow straps to cause your cat discomfort.

•  Secure: Petoodles harnesses are designed to be secure and difficult for a cat to wriggle out of. You can rest easy knowing that your outdoor adventure with kitty won’t end with his escape.

•  Easy: You and your cat will appreciate the simplicity of the Petoodles harness design. The harness’s simple, but strong, hook and loop closures make putting on the harness a breeze.

•  Stylish: Our colorful patterns add chic appeal to the harness, unparalleled by any
other popular harness on the market.