you and your cat were born adventurers

You want your cat to be free and to have fun, but you don’t want to be worried about them. We understand. That’s why we believe that you and your cat can and should explore the world side by side.

The Petoodles harness is made with adventure in mind. That means that it doesn’t restrict movement, but is very hard to escape from. Think of your skin. You can’t get out of it, but you certainly don’t feel trapped in it.

We offer training tips, instructional (and inspirational!) videos, and our customer support team is ready to help you through every step on this journey. Happy adventures!

Comfortable: Petoodles harnesses are made of strong materials and feature a soft cotton lining. The ergonomic design of the Petoodles harness allows for your cat’s maximum mobility. There are no narrow straps to cause your cat discomfort.

Secure: Petoodles harnesses are designed to be secure and difficult for a cat to wriggle out of.

Easy: You and your cat will appreciate the simplicity of the Petoodles harness design. The harness’s simple, but strong, hook and loop closures make putting on the harness a breeze.