Size Chart

What size is right for my cat?

Properly measuring your cat is the only way to ensure a perfect fit. If the harness does not fit correctly, your cat may be uncomfortable, and will be more likely to escape the harness.

To measure your cat, use a flexible measuring tape to measure in these two places: around the neck, and just behind the front legs (or the girth), as illustrated in the image to the right.
The measuring tape should be snug against your cat’s body, but you don’t want to make it too tight and squeeze your cat. Once you have your cat’s measurements, find what size harness your cat would wear with our size chart below.
Size Measurements
S 6.5″-8″ neck  12.5″-15″ girth
M 8″-10″ neck  15″-18″ girth
L 10″-12″ neck 17.5″-19″ girth
XL 12″-14″ neck 22″-24″ girth