10 Reasons You Should Walk Your Cat

1. Cats who take walks get more mental stimulation and are less bored than cats who do not. 

2. Cats who take walks are more fit than those who do not. Walking is a great way to get your pudgy feline in shape!

3. Walking your cat(s) will help them to be more social and feel more relaxed around strangers. 

This carries over to other areas of your cat’s life as well. Your cat will be able to adjust more easily to new situations and changes around the home, such as the rearrangement of furniture, the addition of a new pet, a move to another house, etc.

4. Cats and humans who take walks together forge deeper bonds and have more trusting relationships.

5. Cats enjoy getting some fresh air, too!  Many people choose to keep their cats inside full-time for safety reasons.  Even though you may play with them, many cats get bored with staying in the same place all of the time.  Sometimes they would like to go outside and enjoy the grass underneath their feet, instead of just watching it through the window.  Walking is a great way to let your cat experience the wonders of the outdoors safely.
6. Let’s face it- walking cats is cool. It’s a great conversation starter, and you are sure to be remembered.

7. Cats who take walks find it easier to adapt to new situations. It will be easier to travel with your cat.

8. Instead of releasing energy by climbing the curtains, your cat will release it on walks, and be more relaxed at home. One of the main reasons cats destroy furniture, carpet, and curtains is lack of mental stimulation and play.  Taking a walk will tire out your cat in a productive and damage-free way.  Not only is walking good for your cat, it will be better for your peace of mind- not to mention your sofa!

9. Cats who take walks find it easier to transition into seniority due to their frequent physical activity.

10. The most significant reason why you should walk your cat is… it’s FUN! Now get out there and walk your cat!