pink floral cat harness

Hello, Jellybean

You’ve probably noticed how much your cat’s toes resemble jellybeans.Cat toes are also rugged, soft, and ready for adventure, just like all Petoodles cat harnesses. There’s another thing going for those little toes: they’re downright adorable.Meet Petoodles’ sweeter side: Petoodles Jellybean.With their whimsical designs, the harnesses of this new line aspire to be almost as […]

Alpine Lake Cat Harness

Meet The Alpine Lake!

Well, this is pretty exciting news to share.There’s a new player on the Petoodles cat harness team. In other words, a new color of Petoodles cat harness is now available for purchase. It’s a vivid, happy blue color that reminds us of some of our favorite – you guessed it – alpine lakes. Doesn’t Wessie […]