10 Reasons Why You Should Walk Your Cat

10 Reasons Why You Should Walk Your Cat

Most of our ‪#‎AdventureCatPals‬ can already rattle off a good handful of reasons, but some of you may still be wondering: Why walk your cat?It’s cool, purely thanks to the fact that it’s revolutionary: that’s clear. But what about in practical terms?Find the answer here: 10 Reasons You Should Walk Your Cat

Alpine Lake Cat Harness

Meet The Alpine Lake!

Well, this is pretty exciting news to share.There’s a new player on the Petoodles cat harness team. In other words, a new color of Petoodles cat harness is now available for purchase. It’s a vivid, happy blue color that reminds us of some of our favorite – you guessed it – alpine lakes. Doesn’t Wessie […]

cat sleeping

Making the 30% Awesome

Have you, by any chance, noticed that your cat seems to snooze pretty often? If you haven’t noticed, your cat is either an anomaly or you might want to pay more attention- cats spend between sixteen and twenty hours every day sleeping. That means that if your cat is on the more perky and awake […]

Wessie wears a Petoodles harness while standing on the snow.

We’re Dumped on by Snow!

After a dumping of snow, two feet of the white stuff covered the landscape at Petoodles Headquarters, but didn’t stop the local adventurecats from romping in the outdoors…until they felt a bit too chilly and went indoors to warm up their paws.